The Not-So-Tiny
Marketing Transformation

Jenna McPartland, The Stand Vegan Cafe

She takes the time to understand MY business, rather than applying cookie-cutter strategies to everyone. She works super fast and is able (and willing) to pivot on a dime when it's needed. 

Alex is really the best at what she does.

Kelsey Banfield, The Manifesting Company

Alex is a pleasure to work with. Her work was timely and well-coordinated. She asked good questions and steered me in the right direction with her seasoned expertise. I'd highly recommend her to any company in need of customized digital marketing and web design. 

She steered me in the right direction.

David Hennessey
Mind factory, owner

Alex is professional, easy to work with, and turns work around quickly. She's also a good human, which is even more important than being a good marketing partner.

Alex is professional, easy to work with

big wins

Think of ANY high-quality product or service you've purchased. Chances are, you invested in the offering because you trusted the organization. Maybe it was their social media posts, their streamlined website, or the fact that they spoke to your every wish and need. 

But there is probably something else they have that you might now have noticed (until now!). Have you ever noticed… that they are really good at communicating what they do, who they do it for, and why they do it?

They use clear and consistent communications to convey their expertise and offering. I mean… can you show me ANY impactful and influential organization that doesn't have consistent communications and a top-notch promise?

Join the movement. 

Investing in the longevity of your business is what sets the A-Players apart from the rest. Bootstrapping in the early stages is something to be proud of. You put in the sweat equity. It's time for your pay-off of energy and hours from pulling out all the stops on a limited budget -- and even smaller bandwidth.

Not only is revving up a business in DIY-mode a rite of passage into entrepreneurship, but it also forces you to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on your positioning and offering.

You've done the hardest part and you're still here with stars in your eyes.

Now it is time to level up.

Here's the real reason you haven't been able to grow, scale, and impact the world to your fullest potential

But, what's worse is not knowing how to make the changes or develop a strategy you can sustain.

Like most of the business owners I work with, you got into this whole shebang because you want to help more people and not spend all day chasing the to-do list and avoiding your own marketing.
The bottom line: If you're currently running the marketing, just know, six-figure CEOs do NOT build websites, manage socials, write email campaigns, or create graphics themselves.

Pause and find me JUST ONE successful CEO you look up to that handles their entire marketing efforts.  

As the saying goes, if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.

Although the optimist in me wishes it were true, it is not sustainable for one person to do everything...and that's where we come in.

Outdated DIY'd marketing feels stale and keeps you stuck.


Join me on this adventure.

Customized Marketing Plan

Website Updates

Daily Social Media Management

Custom Graphic Design

Weekly Email Marketing

Monthly Data Reports

Quarterly Strategy Sessions

on-going Support

The  Transformation includes


• Unveil how creating high-converting materials is easy, repeatable, and will attract your ideal lead and forever fan.

• Gain the clarity you crave on gaining insider's expertise on your brand, systems, and strategies. (Think about it: if you don't know precisely what isn't working, how can you create a plan to fix it?)

• Learn how to actually reach MORE people and keep them in your orbit for longer.

• Say hello to finally having branded, fresh, and streamlined systems you can rinse and repeat for years to come.

The proven method for transforming your marketing, bringing in quality leads, and growing the sustainable business you always dreamed of.

In six months you will:

The Not-So-Tiny
Marketing Transformation

Sustainability means we're in for the long game

Hiring an in-house marketing team costs anywhere from $10k to $100k (or more) a month! When you break it down by team members (Marketing Director, Manager, Assistant, IT Support, Graphic Designer, SEO Expert, and Data Analyst), you're talking salaries, insurance, legal mumbo-jumbo, and all sorts of HR headaches.
Over the past few years, I've seen so many business owners struggle with getting their heads wrapped around systems, strategies, and building a team that it ends up stopping them dead in their tracks. 
Paralysis by analysis, am I right?
I've got the kickstart system to sort the whole 'thang out. Let's create that well-oiled, sustainable, and bulletproof business you're after. Let's impact to your fullest potential so you can fully (and finally) enjoy being the Owner. 

Your mind will always acknowledge what could be easier, more efficient, and far more effective with a team. Don't betray the logic. It's why I chose NOW to support as many eco-conscious CEOs as possible.

Together, the impact is stronger.
That's why I've chosen this six-month marketing transformation - valued at $120,000 - for just $36,000.

Halley Ceglia
Psychotherapy & Yoga 

“From start to finish of my website and branding, Alex took me by the hand and showed me the step by step set up.

This approach allowed me to feel empowered and confident in the delivery of my personal messaging and offerings.”


If you know you want to grow to make a more significant impact on the world, then the choice is obvious: transform your marketing into something you can truly be proud of and brings your profitable results for the long haul. 

The Not-So-Tiny Marketing Transformation is a six-month and $36,000 investment. At that price, it's a no-brainer to implement yourself with proven tweaks and changes to more easily recoup your investment!

But here's the best part... when you join, you don't have to pay the entire $36,000 USD.

You can join for monthly instalments of $6,000. And yes, you will save an additional $3,500 when you INVEST in Full!

If nothing changes, then nothing changes.

let's do this

The Sustainable Systems Network

private community

When you commit to The Not-So-Tiny Marketing Transformation, you'll get access to our private Sustainable Systems Network of international, eco-conscious business owners designed to support your networking, connection, and creative process (Valued at $297)! 

Fulfillment is an ongoing journey. It requires staying connected and we love keeping in touch with sustainable business owners worldwide when you simply need to ask a question.

Enjoy the space to bounce off an idea or find a resource! With this powerful network, I've taken the hard work and heavy lifting out of finding the right people to connect with.

 "Gift-Giving" is my LOVE Language.

The Transformation stop there. Connection is key!

Transformation is for anyone with an open mind. If that's you, it's never been easier and less expensive to revamp your marketing than RIGHT NOW. Your job is not to be an ordinary business owner.

Your purpose on earth is to benefit people and the planet. This system addresses any roadblocks or confusion that's delaying or limiting your dreams and keeping your business stuck.

I have ZERO marketing experience and just do this on the fly. Do I need to be skilled to make an amazing transformation?

When you complete your application, you will receive an email from Alex with our next steps. If it's a great fit, you'll be greeted with a meeting invitation.

What can I expect when I apply for
The Not-So-Tiny Marketing Transformation? 

ALL the YES. I encourage it! I value teamwork, and having collective energy put toward leveling-up the business is the perfect way to make it all stick.

Can my team go through the it with me? 

It starts by creating a step-by-step system to BREAKTHROUGH in your marketing potential. I don't just tell you what needs to be done; I show you. Just like a Lego provides you with a step-by-step instruction manual for each of its models, you'll get the same clear guidance. Enjoy the experience of producing accurate results for yourself - but all done by us.

What makes businesses that have transformed, and the testimonials I have seen, so successful? 

Selling our own stuff can suck. And if you're like most purpose-driven businesses I work with, you want to spend your days serving your customers and making the world a better place, not sitting on socials and selling! In this program, I'm going to walk you through getting over that dreaded "Eco-Imposter Syndrome." 

I struggle with communicating my product/services. Will this Transformation help me explain what I do better?

Hands-on to hands-off is a sliding scale. We have the systems, tools, and processes and work with the utmost transparency - and efficiency. You can catch up with us on our quarterly strategy calls or shoot over questions throughout the week. The Not-So-Tiny Marketing Transformation is the ANTIDOTE to overwhelm. It's designed to take you out of your current marketing role so you can fully step into CEO.

Real talk, how much of my time is required? 

common Q's

In case there’s anything I missed, here are some commonly asked Questions

I give a FAQ!


Ready to take the leap and
blow this thing outta the water?

Alright, it's time to transform.

1:1 Strategy Sessions

Marketing Mapped Out

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