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My career began in the music industry which was a blast. It also showed me how driven I was to apply my time and skills to do MORE.

I got clear that freedom of time is a non-negotiable because it lit me up to work on other projects aligned with living eco-consciously.

I was getting an insider’s look into the massive amount of waste produced from concerts, events, and even other industries. I knew my time could make a difference by supporting people working hard on solutions to environmental and social issues.

The bottom line, this systemic problem requires a wide-spread amount of education. So I got going on building a marketing agency that services as your eco-conscious biz’s megaphone.

Two years later, I’ve crafted and refined precise plans and strategies so more can benefit from your ethical offerings.

Hey, I'm Alex

A nomadic gal with salty hair and sun-kissed skin. I believe in working smart so we can play hard and make the most of our time. 

Life is one big road trip and I am here with the windows down, the music blasting, and the horizon straight ahead. It won't always be easy, but it can be a hell of a lot of fun to travel with a companion who filled up the gas tank, stocked up on snacks, and has the road map to get you where you wanna go - in life, and business.

Follow your true north

Success is a journey not a destination

We're capable of great things if we have the courage to pursue them

Go with your gut, confirm with data

Community over competition

Work Smart Play Hard is the motto and creating sustainable systems in the name of the game.

When you focus on the good,
the good gets better.

My passion (and biz) is fueled by intention, authenticity and adventure.

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Anywhere with a damn good view

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