A mini-course video series to teach you how to batch one to three months of social media content.

Content Batch For Your Best Summer

Welcome to this FREE mini-course that teaches you how to batch and automate your posts this summer.

By the time you finish this course, your social media strategy, content creation, and scheduling will all be set before you apply that first slather of sunscreen.

By the time summer rolls around, all your content for the entire season can be automatically publishing so you can soley connect with your audience - instead of stressing about strategy and content creation.

Automation for absolute freedom

How to analyze the numbers

Repurposing content

Organizing your content calendar

Choosing your content topics

Grab a notebook and let's get started

Let's get started

Kelly aguayo

 I am a social media manager with about 5 clients. I have been struggling with content batching and I just want to say your lecture was a BREATH OF FRESH AIR! I downloaded your batching bundle, thank you so much! I look forward to seeing the rest of your content.

"Your lecture was a BREATH OF FRESH AIR"


Three pages of notes and some great ideas to get our lives back from socials. Thank you for the presentation!

"This was an awesome session, Alex!"

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