Ready to navigate the world of marketing with ease, effectiveness, and even a little fun? You're in the right place.

The Entrepreneurs' Guide to Marketing Made Easy

Mapped Out Monthly is your compass in the dynamic landscape of marketing and business.

I've crafted this experience specifically for entrepreneurs like you - people-centric and fuelled by purpose.

This is not just another map; I'm walking the path with you, ensuring you're never alone on this journey.

With this monthly mentorship, you gain access to a myriad of tools and technologies that make marketing so dang easy, and dare I say... enjoyable.

You'll learn proven strategies to optimize your marketing operations, while also harnessing the power of community - a band of like-minded business owners ready to share, support, and inspire.

Mapped Out Monthly

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"Alex is insanely knowledgeable on all things marketing. She understands what is necessary to help your business thrive. It is full of so much valuable marketing information that I will be able to use for a long time to improve my business. I will be forever grateful that I took this course, especially for the information I learned, the friendships I made, and the improvement it brought to my business. - Erin Rose, RSix Coaching"
“You'll be given the opportunity to understand not only HOW to market but also understand - and be able to communicate visually & verbally - WHY you run your business.

Alexandra is a great facilitator.” 
Dana Smith, Dana Smith Wellness 

“This is the #1 reason I am on track to launch and confident with the direction of my business.

Not only did I get all this practical marketing knowledge, but had a great time with these other fantastic inspirational small business owners along the way." - Jennifer Cawthorne, Little Egg 
"Alex brought clarity to the areas in my business that I dreaded working on. I can confidently say that I can now move forward in my marketing with ease & enjoyment. She has a system in place that actually works.

It allowed me to make sense of what felt like chaos and turned it into something fun - and profitable! Invest in yourself. Alex will help you see why you are worth it.” Leah Adams, Willow + Wave
"Alex has years of experience refining her marketing strategies. She shows you where to focus your attention so you can streamline your efforts. I am confident that this investment in myself, as a business owner, is equipping me with the skills & knowledge I need to grow as an entrepreneur."
- Jessica Buckley, Mountain Mama Guiding 
“If you want to take your business seriously, you need this course.

No brainer. Non-negotiable. - AJ Schneider, Beyond The Green


Streamline content creation for more time & better results

Say goodbye to marketing stress & hello to creative freedom

Reach new customers with an elevated online presence

Boost your marketing savvy & rock your strategy

Navigating Marketing...
Now Easy & Breezy

Harness the power of tech, strategic insights, and a supportive community. You'll emerge with a detailed blueprint for your business.

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Through real-time strategy sessions, expert insights, and cutting-edge updates, you can seamlessly set your marketing on autopilot and feel excited, proud, and relieved with your marketing.

"And this makes it really hard to be consistent with my social media posts.

I now feel like I have a map of exactly what my posts need to be, which is making it so much easier to BE consistent It has inspired us to plan monthly 'distraction-free batching sessions' for the business!"

Brandi Khoury, Minimal Is Bliss

"I'm always at a loss about what to post for my social media..."

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When you join Mapped Out Monthly, you'll receive access to everything you need to develop and implement the easiest Marketing Systems & Strategies you've ever had!

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"I can confidently move forward in my marketing with ease & enjoyment."

"It allowed me to make sense of what felt like chaos and turned it into something fun - and profitable!"

Leah Adams, Willow + Wave

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